Shall I take in vitamin D3 daily?

Everybody needs vitamin D3 and in fact in sufficient quantities. It is an essential vitamin, needed for the health maintenance of the immune system, cell division, bones, teeth and muscle function. Furthermore, the normal blood calcium level is dependent on vitamin D3. Although the body can produce vitamin D3 in the skin and absorb it via nutrition however, for very many people a sufficient supply is not possible about this (NVSII 2008, RKI 2014). Persons, rarely staying in the sun or taken in fat fish or cod liver oil or persons with an increased demand for vitamin D3 can individually complement their supply with Cefavit D3. The film coated tablets provide 1,000, 2,000 or 7,000 I.U. vitamin D3 for the daily basic supply, for the increased demand and for the weekly intake.

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Energy and performance from the vitamin B-complex

The normal functioning and performance of the body depends from the vitamins of the B-complex. Vitamin B1, B6, B12, niacin and biotin are very important for the energy metabolism, for the nerves and the psyche. The mental performance such as power of concentration is supported by pantothenic acid and B vitamins help as well in case of states of exhaustion such as tiredness and fatigue. Likewise, the metabolism needs B vitamins such as biotin.

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Selenium – why it is that important

Selenium is an essential trace element which is indispensable for many processes in the body. Selenium is necessary for the support of important tasks in the organism such as cell protection, maintenance of the normal function of the thyroid and the immune system. The body’s own metabolism can, however, not build selenium. Therefore, it has to be supplied daily in sufficient quantity with nutrition. Unbalanced or inadequate nutrition or an increased selenium demand can be the reason that the daily supply quantity is not sufficient in order to get supplied with the required selenium. Likewise, vegetarian nutrition usually contains only little selenium. In these cases it is recommended to supplement the daily nutrition with selenium (Cefasel 200 nutri).

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Cefasel nutri - supplies you with selenium

Cefasel nutri food supplements contain selenium as sodium selenite for the daily selenium supply. They are suitable for the supplementation of the nutrition if it is not possible to get supplied with enough selenium via food. Foodstuffs, which are richer in selenium, are, however, not very frequent. In contrast to meat, innards and fish, only very little selenium is contained in fruit, vegetables and salad. In fact, Brazil nuts and coconuts contain more selenium, however, the contents vary very strongly and it is never known how much selenium is taken in. With Cefasel nutri products you can be sure that you take every day 50, 100 or 200 µg of the essential trace element.

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