Cefak - since 1948 a lived success story

As a medium-sized family company, based in Kempten (Allgäu region, Germany), we attach importance to independent and sustainable action. Of course, this also means that we predominantly produce and test our pharmacy-exclusive products by ourselves in our most modern production facilities at the company headquarters according to pharmaceutical quality standards (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice).

Then as now, we produce in Kempten, Germany

The drug production, established in 1948 by Sudeten German Edwin Piesch in Kempten (Allgäu) under the company name Cefak (= chemical pharmaceutical factory Kempten), was acquired in 1952 from a bankruptcy estate by the consortium of the family Brand.

The first production building was located in the Kaufbeurer Street. Needed medicinal plants were partly cultivated in own gardens as well as in a greenhouse. A specially published recipe pocketbook provided information about the possible application of the broad product range.

In 1955, the company moved to a new building in the Ostbahnhofstrasse.

With Cefasel®, Cefak – as first pharmaceutical manufacturer – introduced selenium in 1984 in Germany in the pharmaceutical therapy. For a long time, selenium, however, had been considered as toxic. First in 1957, evidence of the essentiality of the substance could be provided. Since then, the essential trace element has become increasingly important in biochemistry, nutritional science and medicine. Until today, Cefak is the number 1 in pharmacies* (in Germany) among the selenium products.  

In the meantime, about half of the production is exported to many countries, among others to Central and South America (e.g. Ecuador, Colombia, Peru), Asia (e.g. Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan), Arabic countries (e.g. Jordan), Eastern Europe (e.g. Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine), CIS countries (e.g. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) but also near abroad e.g. to Austria, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland.

milestones of the selenium research

Production today

Then as now, we place the well-being of our customers in the focus of our acting.

The products are manufactured and tested according to pharmaceutical quality standards (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice), mostly directly at the company headquarters in Kempten, Germany.

The pharmaceuticals and food supplements are manufactured in the most modern production facilities.

Production with most modern facilities at Cefak in Kempten.

Capsule filling at Cefak

Filling of drops at Cefak

New since 2020: Stickpack filling line (Stix)

Stix are becoming more and more popular: The small portion bags are particularly practical for on the go, as they can be easily taken everywhere. Cefak has now complemented the company's own production in Kempten by a high-quality, modern plant for filling Stix.

The newly established Cefadirect® Stix series stands for direct and tasty intake without liquid.

Newest plant at Cefak: Filling of Cefadirect®-Stix

Exclusive pharmacy products

As effective but with minimal side effects and well tolerable preparations, Cefak products support the self-healing powers of the body resp. intend for the maintenance of the physical and mental health in all stages of life.

For the manifold health needs, Cefak offers a variety of high-quality herbal and homeopathic pharmaceuticals, mineral-, trace element- and vitamin preparations.

Cefak products are exported to about 20 countries worldwide. Cefak preparations, all starting with the memorable prefix Cefa-, are distributed throughout Germany exclusively via pharmacies.

To the Cefak products

* Insight Health GmbH & Co. KG, APO-Channel-Monitor 11/19, 12 monthly value packaging units selenium preparations in Germany  

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