Gentle help for skin eczema with itching

Cefabene® Cistus Komplex – a homeopathic solution for injection from carefully harmonised herbal and mineral ingredients - has proven for relieving of itching in case of skin eczema e.g. in neurodermatitis.

  • excellently tolerable
  • from 12 years
Frau mit schöner Haut im Bademantel
In Germany exclusively in the local pharmacy or in the mail-order pharmacy.

Cefabene® Cistus Komplex

ampoules (liquid dilution for injection)
Produktabbildung Cefabene Cistus Komplex Ampullen10 Stück
  • for relieve of itching in case of skin eczema
  • proven active ingredient complex
Package size
Ampoules 100 pieces
PZN: Pharmazentralnummer (pharmaceutical registration number in Germany)

For any questions about risks and undesirable effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your physician or pharmacist.