In case of venous diseases and hemorrhoids

Varicose veins, spider veins, tired, heavy and swollen legs – typical complaints of a venous disease.  The tightened skin itches and tingles, the legs pain. Hemorrhoids with itching and burn are associated with pathological veins as well. With Cefadyn®, venous diseases are treatable early and purely herbal.

  • improves heavy, tired, swollen legs
  • relieves itching, burning hemorrhoids  
  • noticeable relief
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In Germany exclusively in the local pharmacy or in the mail-order pharmacy.


film coated tablets
Produktabbildung Cefadyn Tabletten 100 Stück
  • active ingredient: dry extract from Butcher’s broom rootstock
  • venotonic
  • anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory
Package size
Film coated tablets 100 pieces
PZN: Pharmazentralnummer (pharmaceutical registration number in Germany)

For any questions about risks and undesirable effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your physicianor pharmacist.