For your defence!*

The special immune combination provides valuable herbal ingredients from the Cantaloupe melon, reasonably supplemented with high dose selenium, vitamin D and zinc*. The melon concentrate, obtained by a patented process, contains high quantities of the "radical scavenger" SOD (superoxide dismutase) – an enzyme that belongs to the core of the antioxidant defense system also in the human body. The capsules additionally contain a high-quality extract from pomegranate.

  • for immune system and cell protection*
  • melon concentrate (rich in superoxide dismutase)
  • selenium, vitamin D3 and zinc
  • as Stix and capsules for adults
  • chewable tablets for children from 4 years
Frau badet im kalten Wasser mit Mütze und Bikini
In Germany exclusively in the local pharmacy or in the mail-order pharmacy.

Cefaimmun®* KIDS

chewable tablets

NEW from July

  • melon concentrate (SOD 70 IU) plus selenium, vitamin D3 and zinc
  • taste of raspberry
  • from 4 years: 1 chewable tablet daily,
  • from 10 years: 1-2 chewable tablets daily
Package size
Chewable tablets 20 pieces
Chewable tablets 60 pieces
PZN: Pharmazentralnummer (pharmaceutical registration number in Germany)

Cefaimmun®* Stix

portion bags
Produktabbildung Cefaimmun Stix 42 Stück
  • melon concentrate (SOD 140 IU) plus high dose selenium, vitamin D3 and zinc
  • 1 Stix per day
  • direct intake without any liquid, ideal for on the go
  • taste of pineapple
    Cefadirect® tastes great
Package size
Stix 14 pieces
Stix 42 pieces
PZN: Pharmazentralnummer (pharmaceutical registration number in Germany)


hard capsules
  • melon concentrate (SOD 140 IU)
  • pomegranate extract (44 mg punicalagins)
  • high dose selenium, vitamin D3 and zinc
  • 1 capsule per day
Package size
Hard capsules 60 pieces
PZN: Pharmazentralnummer (pharmaceutical registration number in Germany)

*Selenium, vitamin D and zinc support a normal function of the immune system. Furthermore, selenium and zinc contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Food supplements should not be used as substitution for a balanced and varied nutrition and for a healthy way of life. The mentioned quantity, recommended for the daily intake, must not be exceeded. Please do not take in any other products containing zinc. Stix and capsules not intended for children.
Additionally for Stix: Can have a laxative effect in case of overuse.
Additionally for capsules: the consultation of a physician is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and in case of taking in pharmaceuticals.