Calorie-reduced vital diet

A controlled calorie intake is possible with the vital diet Cefamagar®: Only 237 calories are contained in one delicious vital diet meal. Nevertheless, Cefamagar® provides all necessary nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, L-carnitine and lecithin and it contains a lot of protein.

  • reduces weight*
  • maintains muscles**
  • supports metabolism***

Ideally, Cefamagar® vital diet for the calorie control can be combined quite easily with the metabolism stimulating homeopathic Cefamagar® tablets.

In Germany exclusively in the local pharmacy or in the mail-order pharmacy.


Vital diet as meal replacement for a weight-controlling nutrition
Produktabbildung Cefamagar Dose 510 g
  • with a lot of high-quality protein (CS 156) plus L-carnitine and lecithin
  • provides all necessary vitamins, trace elements, minerals and fibres
  • without: gelatin, colours, sweetener, yeast.
Package size
Can (510 g)
PZN: Pharmazentralnummer (pharmaceutical registration number in Germany)

Notes: Cefamagar® vital diet alone is not a complete food.

* The replacement of 2 meals per day by Cefamagar® vital diet contributes to the weight reduction in the scope of a low-calorie, varied and balanced nutrition (salad, vegetables, fruit, whole-grain products etc.) with sufficient intake of liquid (e.g. 2 l unsweetened tea, water).

** The high share of protein in one meal Cefamagar® vital diet provides for the maintenance and the development of muscle mass.

*** The ingredients magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, iodine, copper, phosphor, pantothenic acid, niacin and the vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and C support a normal energy metabolism. Please pay as well attention to an active and healthy way of living. In case of long-term reduction diets, a medical consultation is recommendable.